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At Laundero, we achieve the outstanding results we are renowned for by upholding quality, not only as a day-to-day action, but as a philosophy. To guarantee consistency and exacting standards, we live by a carefully curated seven-point process of garment care. This procedure is designed to encompass the journey of your garment, from threshold to threshold, ensuring no detail is overlooked. Blending our strengths of experience, skill, craftsmanship and attention to detail with science-based problem-solving, traditional and new technologies and green solutions guarantees that every service is accompanied by a guarantee of excellence.


1. Detailing

When a garment arrives at the Laundero centre of excellence, the first process we perform is detailing. The piece is inspected to establish fabric type and composition techniques. It then undergoes surface surveying, allowing us to locate, identify and log marks or imperfections. Our experts then temporarily remove or protect buttons, detailing and embellishments in preparation for cleaning.


2. Stain Removal

Stain removal is one of the most important procedures in our seven-point garment care process. During detailing, we identify marks or stains that are unlikely to be eradicated by the standard cleaning process. Our skilled experts then focus on these areas to lift the marks as gently as possible. For this, they will draw upon proven traditional methods or advanced modern techniques.


3. Cleaning

Cleaning is the third and central point of Laundero’s garment care. After evaluating materials, construction and detailing, our experts pinpoint the most suitable treatment, including hand-cleaning, laundering or dry cleaning. For dry cleaning, we use only the gentlest non-toxic chemicals and offer two environmentally friendly dry cleaning options using GreenEarth® solutions. Meticulous attention, assed results.


4. Hand Finishing

The treatment of your garments does not end with being spotlessly clean. At Laundero, perfection is our primary benchmark and we ensure these standards are carried through to garment aftercare. Hand-finishing is an essential part of ensuring your shirts, dresses and home textiles look impeccable after cleaning. Pressers of the highest standard individually finish your garment to your specific requirements.


5. Minor Repairs

During detailing, our experts take note of any minor repairs that may need carrying out on your garments. We will then discuss these with you to outline them and factor them into your treatment. With experience and skill, our craftspeople can secure hems, attend to open seams, correct loose buttons and reinstate missing features.


6. Inspection

Following the first five stages, our experts inspect your garments to ensure each process has been carried out to perfection. Formal inspection takes place, with attention paid to cleanliness, appearance, the quality of any repair work carried out and impeccable hand-finishing. This ensures that every item entrusted to our care is returned to you in flawless condition.


7. Packaging

At Laundero, we appreciate the impact of aesthetics and know that effective packaging is vital for your items’ secure delivery. Using Laundero-branded tissue, custom hangers and specially designed bags and boxes, we ensure garments are returned safely to your wardrobe. As an environmentally responsible Royal Warrant holder, we take every opportunity to minimize packaging, recycle and reduce waste wherever possible.

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