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Laundero knows your time is precious. That’s why busy families and professionals save time with our wash and fold services. Spend your extra free time doing your favorite things with the ones you love. We deliver to your door up to 48 hours later. It’s like having your own personal laundry butler; all you’ll need to do is put it away!

Minimum Order for Laundry Service Wash £35.00

Service Wash – Wash, Dry, Fold:

Call for a Quote
Wash, Dry, Fold, Iron
£6.50 per KG
Wash, Dry, Fold
£3.50 per KG


Our team thoroughly inspects all contents of your laundry bag, noting all of your concerns and preferences.


Our laundry processes are eco friendly. We use biodegradable products so your garments are safe and fresh.


Depending on the type of fabric and your cleaning preferences, we carefully dry your items. 


Our team folds it carefully and inspects each item to ensure perfection.

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