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#1 Dry Cleaning Service in Leicester

With Laundero, your laundry and dry cleaning are picked up, and delivered directly to your door with just a few clicks.

Get in touch with us hassle-free! Contact us via WhatsApp at +44 7469 624950.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service with 24h delivery in Leicester

Experience laundry, effortlessly!

Save time by skipping the laundromat. Let Laundero pick up, clean, and drop off your laundry.

We offer laundry pickup and laundry drop off services. Get your laundry returned to you washed and crisply folded - we even pair your socks!

Before cleaning, we’ll check your pockets for loose items, separate lights and darks, and never wash or dry your items with anyone else’s. We wash with cold water and dry on medium heat before neatly folding each item.

You can even set your cleaning preferences, like detergent type and fabric softener, whilst booking!

Our Process

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Step 1

Schedule a pick up now, or later by visiting the Scheule Pick-up page. It's really just that easy.

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Step 2

Our professional wash valet will swing by with your personalized laundry and garment bag to gather your clothes so we can protect them with style.

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Step 3

Your clothes are returned freshly folded upto 48 hours later. Meanwhile, you can kick back and enjoy a cup of coffee (or mocktail, if that's your thing).

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